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Multimedia (MM) includes but is not limited to text, image, graphics, audio, video, social, and sensor data that is highly valuable in decision making. It covers from everyone’s experiences to everything happening in the world. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with computing technologies that allow machines to see, hear, talk, think, learn, and solve problems. The huge potential of applying AI for problem-solving represents an exciting future in business objectives that can be achieved much more effectively. In addition, business-business, business-customer, and customer-customer may be interconnected in a revolutionary way to stimulate a tremendous amount of interesting activities.


With the recent advances of AI, including ChatGPT, we think it is the right time to address the broader impacts of AI on MM and vice versa.Artificial Intelligence x Multimedia (AIxMM) is an international forum for academia and industries to exchange visions and ideas in the state of the art and practice, as well as to identify the emerging topics and define the synergy between the research in AI and MM in general.


TOPICS OF INTEREST​​ include all aspects of MM whose solutions may be assisted by AI, such as:​

  • Content Understanding, Modeling, Management, and Retrieval

  • Multimedia Security and Forensics

  • Mobile Media

  • Media Coding, Processing, and Quality Measurement

  • Multimedia Interfaces

  • Communications and Streaming

  • Systems and Architectures

  • Services

AI Technologies that may be advanced by MM applications, such as:

  • Generative AI

  • Transformer based technology 

  • Agent technology

  • Semantic computing

  • Decision making

  • Machine learning

  • Symbolic AI including Knowledge and data engineering, planning

  • Problem solving

The focus of the conference series has been established with the belief that it is important to have a full, top-tier conference that focuses specifically on the combination of multimedia and AI research. While research about specific aspects of AI and MM systems is regularly published in the various proceedings and transactions of the AI and MM communities, AIxMM aims to cut across the boundary and to provide an avenue for communicating research that addresses both multimedia and AI holistically. The mission of the conference is to share research results and solutions and to identify new issues and directions for future research and development.

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